11955 Jack Benny Dr, Ste 102
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
  909-476 -8183
Mon,Tue,Thu,Fri 10-7
Wed By Appointment Only
Sat 8-4, Sun 11-4
Advanced Divers Only
3 dives at the rigs $125.00

The oil rigs lie offshore about 10 miles from the coast in 300'-600' of water. They are great artificial reefs and attract an abundance of marine life. Because of the depth we'll be "live-boating" divers in and out of the water. Once in the water you'll see the structure is covered with all sorts of life and it is a great place to do photography. Hot meals, snacks, soft drinks, and airfills are included. Nitrox is available for $10 per fill.

Boarding starts at 6:00 am, departing as soon as we're loaded or 7:00 am at the latest.
Boarding: 22nd Street Landing 141 W 22nd Street San Pedro, CA