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“Scuba Poker”
September 16th 2018
Signature Underwater Divers Club Event
To play, the students are sent out in buddy pairs to swim an underwater compass course.  They are given the bearings of the course prior to beginning the dive, which they write down on their slates.  They then swim the course while submerged.  Each leg of the course terminates at a downline.  Clipped to the downline are clothes pins.  Each buddy team takes one clip from the line, and proceeds to swim the next leg of the compass course.
Non Signature Underwater Divers club members are welcome for a $10.00 entry fee. We have some great prizes and raffles also.

Are your Navigation skills ready? If so, we would love for you to come join us for our Poker Run at Casino Point, Catalina Island. You can always join a team of more experienced divers and still join us.

Contact Signature Scuba 909-476-8183 for your Catalina Express ticket. They have booked a block of tickets for the
6:00 am departure - 5:00 pm return
from the Long Beach Terminal.