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Jeremy Duane "Farmer"

Jeremy Duane "Farmer"

What set the hook? Snorkeling in Hawaii with the manta ray night exploration, I noticed divers below us at the site. I figured I would like to give scuba a try, so I went to my local dive shop, and I fell in love with it on my first breathe underwater.

Certifications: Master Scuba Diver, Tec Trimix Blender, Tec Sidemount, Tec 40, Tec Rebreather, Public Safety Diver, Public Safety Dive Surface Support, Underwater Criminal Investigator, Zombie Apocalypse Diver, Dive Against Debris, Shark Aware Conservation, Equipment Specialist, PSI/PCI Cylinder inspector.

Instructor Ratings: Full Face Mask, Drysuit, Solo, Self Reliant, SMB/DSMB, Peak Performance/Advance Bouancy,Navigation, Altitude, Night/Limited Visibility, Boat, SAR, Deep, Drift, Nitrox, Wreck, Shore and Beach, Research, Recreational Sidemount, Advanced Rebreather (Poseidon), Scubability/Disabled/Dive Buddy, O2 Provider, Layperson First Aid and CPR for Child, Adult, Infant with AED

Goals: I only wanted to be a master scuba diver, time down the road, along with a great group of divers that inspired me, I found that I enjoyed the diving community.  I became a Dive Professional to share the passion that I have for diving, there are plenty of locations that haven’t been explored by any non-divers, so follow me, and we can get our feet wet.