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Larry Bater

Larry Bater

What set the hook? Way back in 1978 when I joined the Navy to see the world I had no idea I would discover this great adventure of Scuba Diving. I was an Electronics Technician in the Nuclear Power Plants on the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) through 1984. I had no idea that my days as an Instructor at Great Lakes NTC, then on board Enterprise would dove tail into helping me teach Scuba Diving. I first certified in 1983 while I was in the Navy on liberty in the Philippines. After experiencing the abundance and varieties of plant and animal life in the canyons we dove and those phenomenal colors, I knew I would come back for more. Twenty years later I recognized the need to find a bonding activity with my son after way too many assignments away from home that caused a little distance between us. I thought diving would be a good team-building activity. It surpassed my highest expectation!

We started Open Water class with Paul Dube in 2003. Our bonding experience continued through Advanced, several Specialties, Rescue, Divemaster then Assistant Instructor. We shared several years diving the beaches of Southern California, from Point Dume in Santa Barbara to the Marine Room near San Diego. We dove all over Catalina, occasionally the Channel Islands and even the two phenomenal trips to the Red Sea. The dive equipment has changed significantly since 1983, but the amazing feeling of cruising over a reef to swim out and hover over a hundred foot wall full of life and color just waiting to be explored before you, never fails to be spectacular. As an Assistant Instructor I worked with another shop from 2005 to 2014. I finally took that next step and become an Open Water Instructor in 2014. I intend to help divers create dive adventures, memories with others and experience that sense of wonder that will last a lifetime as my son and I have.

Certifications: PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, other PADI Instructor ratings: Peak Performance Buoyancy, Equipment Specialist, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Emergency First Responder and Care for Children w/AED. SDI Open Water Instructor, other SDI Instructor ratings: Advanced Buoyancy, Shore & Beach, Boat, Dry Suit, Underwater Navigation, Underwater Digital Photography, Dive Computers, Marine Ecosystems & Awareness, CPROX, 1st aid and AED. Diver specialties: Deep, Navigation, Wreck, Night, Dry Suit, Drift, Photo, Digital UW Photo, Fish ID, and Emergency Oxygen provider.

Goals: To help students learn, implement and retain the best practices that will make them safe divers for the rest of their diving future. To share this amazing experience with those who are willing to explore where only few have the opportunity to go. I hope to be one of the role model divers or Instructors you want to emulate or follow. I hope to participate in and encourage others to join us in at least one international trip per year to a warm water destination. I intend to attain my MSDT rating in 2019 and to continue on to an IDCS rating by 2021