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Richard Hoffman

Richard Hoffman

What set the hook? My grandma was the editor of Treasure Diver magazine so I grew up reading about all of the great underwater discoveries and wreck recoveries of the 80s and 90s. For years I wanted to work for WHOI, exploring the ocean. Dreaming of a time when I would get my chance to explore the underwater world, I got my OW cert as a graduation present and never looked back.  Then in 2019 I found a home with Signature Scuba and launched through my certs from AOW all the way to PADI Instructor.  Here at Signature, it’s not just a dive shop but a dive family and a huge community and that really helped me in attaining my goals and becoming a better diver.


Certifications: PADI Instructor and  EFR Instructor


Goals: IDC Staff Instructor