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Robert Holbrook

Robert Holbrook

What set the hook? I have always loved the ocean and have wanted to know what’s in it. I did a DSD at Sports Chalet when I was younger and ever since then I knew that Scuba Diving was something that I wanted to do. It wasn’t until years later, however, while I was away at school at Cal State Monterey Bay, that I finally got the opportunity to get certified and truly see what lies beneath. I wanted to get certified so I could use it as a tool to help me study the underwater world and further my studies as a marine science major. At school, I got all the way up to a NAUI Divemaster as well as an American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) certified research diver. I also helped out with many classes while at school because I wanted to spread the joy that is Scuba Diving to other eager students. Now I am starting my instructor program so I can continue to spread diving to the world.

Certifications: NAUI Divemaster, SDI Assistant Instructor, AAUS Research Diver, SDI Instructor Candidate

Goals: My goal for now is to become a good instructor that produces good divers that want to preserve and learn more about the ocean world. My ultimate goal would be to travel the world and do research on the ecosystems and the organisms and the animals that live within them.