Check out our calendar for our up coming classes and events!!

Check out our calendar for our up coming classes and events!!

  • SDI Open Water Diver Certification

SDI Open Water Diver Certification

This price incudes: tuition, elearning code, student kit and rental gear. It does not include your personal gear (mask, fins, snorkel, gloves, hood and SMB. We offer our students the best deal on gear.


Become a certified open water scuba diver!

In just 3 steps you can earn an entry-level aka open water scuba diver certification from SDI! Earning an SDI Open Water certification will provide you with the training and knowledge necessary to dive around the world up to 60 feet in depth. If you want to start scuba diving, this is the course for you, and our professional instructors are trained to help you get certified at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Once you earn your Open Water certification you will be able to enjoy the thrill and adventure of diving and exploring the amazing, underwater world! It all starts online.

Buy now and choose the dates later (click here). Once you purchase the course we will contact you to get you your elearning code and schedule a time for you to come in to get your student materials and fill out your student record information.

Starting from

Availability: Contact us for booking information

Step 1

Get Smart: Master all of the important academic requirements online, at your own pace. All eLearning courses are accessible via desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, giving you the flexibility to complete this step whenever, and wherever you choose!

Step 2

Get Wet: Complete your in-water skill-development training in a controlled environment. This training takes place in a swimming pool, or similar body of confined water, under the supervision of one of our professional SDI instructors.

Step 3

Go Diving: The final step is to complete the required number of SDI open-water training dives under the supervision of one of our trained instructors. Here you will apply the elearning and pool session training to the open water, as you learn practical lessons and acquire more dive skills that can only be gained through real-world diving experience. Please note: day one of the ocean dive we usually go to Avalon. There is an additional fee from $140-$220

Ready to start diving? To purchase your eLearning code give us a call at 909-476-8183.

What’s in it for you:

  • Exposure to in-depth dive planning, introduction to more advanced technical diving and equipment
  • Opportunity to become a more proficient diver and expand on diver skills and knowledge

SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Course Requirements:

  • Minimum age to enroll is 18 years old, or 15 years old with parental consent.To enroll, you must fill out a medical statement (click here).
    • Junior Open Water Scuba Course (10 – 14 years old with parental consent.)
  • To graduate, participants must: demonstrate mature and sound judgment concerning dive planning and execution, and complete all open water requirements properly and efficiently.

What can you expect to Learn and Gain?

The SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Course will cover all of the necessary information and training for open water scuba diving, including:

  • The aquatic environment: vision, light, sound, heat loss, tides, currents, waves, surge, and more.
  • Physics and physiology: buoyancy, pressure, air spaces, breathing compressed air, mixed gases, and more.
  • Dive equipment: selection, assembly, use, and maintenance.
  • Dive planning.
  • Basic scuba skills: mask and regulator skills, swimming underwater, buoyancy control, basic rescue techniques, emergency procedures, and more.
  • Upon Successful completion: gain the ability to conduct open water dives in conditions similar to entry-level training, and to continue your dive education and development by enrolling in SDI Advanced and Specialty courses.

You can learn more about the SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Course by visiting or you can get started on your certification by giving us a call at 909-476-8183.

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