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Welcome to the official Signature Underwater Divers page!

Signature Underwater Divers is a nonprofit, educational dive club hosted by Signature Scuba Diving! Signature Underwater Divers is the perfect way to meet other divers, stay up-to-date on the latest dive information and trends, share diving stories, and participate in fun, exclusive events such as social meets like BBQs, beach cleanups, group dive trips, and more!

Signature Underwater Divers club members enjoy multiple perks and benefits:

  • 10% Off Gear
  • Air Fill Card w/ 12 Fills ($80 Value)
  • $10 Off Boat Trips
  • Group Me Club Chat App
  • Annual Christmas Party Invite
  • Signature Underwater Divers Exclusive Club T-Shirt

Membership Fee:

One time fee per year: $45.00

Meeting Locations:

Rancho Cucamonga Chapter - Round Table Pizza in Fontana (15002 Summit ave. Fontana, CA 92336)

Meet time: 2nd Wednesday of each month - social time from 6-6:30pm, meeting starts at 6:30pm)


Interested in joining Signature Underwater Divers? Visit us at Signature Scuba Diving or call us at 909-476-8183 for more information!

Learn More about Signature Underwater Divers below!

The Story of Signature Underwater Divers

We initially started Signature Underwater Divers in 2014 because we wanted a way to connect with divers in our local area. Our goal was to meet other people who love diving as much as we do. We reached our goal - we found others who are just as crazy about being underwater as we are! Together we created a fun, and supportive dive club where members enjoy participating in anything and everything involved with scuba diving, from dive industry discussions at monthly meetups, to arranged events like group dives and trips. We’ve had some great times in our infancy, but Signature Underwater Divers is just getting warmed up!

Signature Underwater Divers started out as a social endeavor, but moving forward we want to prove that there is strength in numbers as we set out to form a large dive club that consists of members who not only love diving, but also collectively share a sense of responsibility to protect our oceans. For us at Signature Scuba, the ocean has changed our lives for the better, and we want to show our appreciation by doing what we can, when we can, to attempt to restore its health. Pollution, over fishing, habitat destruction - all of the abuse our oceans endure has reached a point where large islands of trash are forming, various marine-life populations are rapidly decreasing, and coral reefs, that were once alive, and vibrant with color, are becoming dull, broken, and deserted. We need to work together. We need to make a change. Join us.

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