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Part Number:RG5400 Manufacturer: Dive Rite

Simple, lightweight regulator for oxygen and deco mix use.

The Dive Rite Oxygen Decompression Regulator is a compact, lightweight option for a deco regulator. Assembled in a clean room using all oxygen-compatible materials and lubricants, this shallow water deco regulator can be used with higher concentrations of oxygen without the need for additional set-up.

An unbalanced piston DIN first stage provides the ideal performance for a shallow water regulator. An OPV on the first stage provides an additional margin of safety in the event of a first stage failure. A single HP port is used for a 1-inch button gauge.

The XT2 second stage is a pneumatically-balanced second stage with Venturi assist to provide a consistent gas pressure delivery for smooth inhalation. User adjustability on the second stage allows divers to tune the inhalation setting to match their personal preference. An orthodontic mouthpiece reduces jaw fatigue on longer deco obligations. A 40-inch, green low pressure hose and green faceplate on the second stage come standard to indicate oxygen use.

Note: The Oxygen Deco Regulator is ONLY intended for use as a deco regulator. Do not attempt to use for a stage bottle/travel regulator.

Note: The Oxygen Deco Regulator is not intended for use deeper than 50-feet (15 m) on appropriate gas mix.

First Stage

  • Unbalanced piston
  • 1 in button gauge SPG
  • 2 LP ports
  • 1 HP port
  • 140 PSI IP
  • 5 in x 1.25 in (8.9 cm x 3.2 cm)
  • 12.4 oz (351.5 g)

Second Stage

  • Pneumatically balanced
  • Venturi assist
  • 40 in green LP hose
  • Green Accent Ring
  • 8 oz

Total Weight: 1.64 lbs (0.75 kg)

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