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Scuba Repairs and Air Fills

Air fill cards $80.00 standard air

Scuba air fills $8.00 Low Pressure up to 3000psi

HP air fills $9.00 3000psi to 3500psi

Nitrox fills 32% $0.16 - cu.ft

Nitrox fills 34% $0.18 - cu.ft

Nitrox fills 36% $0.20 - cu.ft

Nitrox fills 38% $0.22 - cu.ft

Nitrox fills 40% $0.24 - cu.ft

Nitrox fills 50% $0.48 - cu.ft

Trimix blend 18/45 $1.95 - cu.ft

Oxygen 100% $1.60 - cu.ft

Helium $3.30 - cu.ft

Custom blends $15.00 blending fee plus gas fees


We do not fill Carbon Fiber cylinders

HP DOT air fills $50.00 up to 4500ps

Scuba air cards $80.00..... For 12 fills
Pony bottles free up to 19 cu with the fill of a regular cylinder

Scuba Regulator Repair - Scuba Annual Service

Regulator Overhaul per stage....  $50.00 plus parts

Regulator Inspect  1st stage....  $20.00 plus any parts if needed

Regulator Inspect  2nd stage/octo each....  $15.00 plus any parts if needed

- current hydrostatic test (every 5 years)
- current visual inspection (every year)

Our trained technicians will do a total scuba regulator repair, or annual overhaul of your scuba regulator for just $120.00 plus parts. Some of the manufactures supply free parts for life at the time of service as long as you provide a record of the regulator being serviced every 12 months. If you do not qualify for free parts, then you can expect to spend anywhere from $9.95 to $39.95 for parts per stage. A Scuba Regulator Repair, also known as a Scuba Annual Service will include a complete disassembly, ultra-sonic cleaning of all metal parts, replacing or inspection and cleaning of all internal components, lubing, and re-assembling the regulators, 1st and 2nd stage and your octo. Then your regulator will be cycled multiple times to assure proper seating of the internal components. After the break in, it will be fine-tuned and adjusted to specs on our flow bench.

BCD Service Parts are an additional cost and vary by manufacturer. $50.00 overhaul, $20.00 inspect only

This service involves disassembling and cleaning the power inflator and dump valves, examining all releases and straps and performing a comprehensive leak test.

Visual Cylinder Inspection with air fill..... $15.00 plus O Rings

A visual inspection of high pressure cylinders is a vital part adhering to safe diving practices both in and out of the water.  Corrosion is by far the single greatest cause of damage to cylinders and our certified technicians go through a rigorous 18 step inspection process to ensure your cylinder is safe to fill and dive on.  Cylinders must be visually inspected every year.

Hydrostatic Cylinder Test (visual and air fill additional $15.00 plus O Rings)..... $40.00

Hydrostatic testing essentially determines whether the tank is structurally sound and will not burst under pressure.  The most common method is to place the tank into a water-filled pressure chamber and see how much the tank expands under pressure by measuring the amount of water displaced.  A hydrostatic test needs to be performed every 5 years.

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