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Paul Dube

Paul Dube

What set the hook? For as long as I can remember I’ve always felt a connection with the ocean. For me SCUBA seemed like a natural progression from spending hours on the surface surfing and boogie boarding to diving and exploring our underwater world. Like no two waves are ever exactly the same, no two dives, even at the same site are ever exactly the same. After I took my first breath underwater I knew right then and there that this was what I wanted to do.


Current Instructor Ratings:

SDI: Specialty Instructor for Advanced Buoyancy, U/W Navigator, Night, Deep, Wreck, Dry Suit, Shore and Beach Diver, Solo Diver, Drift Diver, Propulsion Vehicle (DPV), Boat Diver, Computer Nitrox Diver, Computer Diver, Altitude Diver, Search & Recovery, Recreational Sidemount, Scubility Dive Buddy and Marine Ecosystems Awareness Diver.

PADI: Specialty Instructor for Peak Performance Buoyancy, U/W Navigator, Night, Deep, Wreck, Dry Suit, Boat, Enriched Air Nitrox, Altitude Diver, Search & Recovery Diver, Propulsion Vehicle (DPV), Recreational Sidemount, Project Aware Fish I.D., Boat Diver, Coral Reef Conservation, EFR and Care for Children/ AED & Zombie Apocalypse Diver.


Goals: My primary goal, above all, is to develop SAFE divers. Divers that are independent and not dependent on others make the safest buddy teams. It’s easy to get and stay excited about something that you are passionate about. This sport may be slow and most of the time effortless when you are underwater, but it is never boring. Whether you are drift diving off Cozumel or visiting the Jacques Cousteau Monument at Avalon’s underwater dive park, it’s an ever-changing adventure that I look forward to sharing with everyone I meet. With over 7500 dives and over 5500 hours underwater, The Adventure continues......