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Glenn Kerr

Glenn Kerr

What set the hook? Growing up in Orange County I would spend all my free time at the beach, however it was on the water and not below the surface, my love for the ocean was always there. Then I started working for Signature Scuba, where James gave me a great goal to help me with my health. Lose 60lbs and get certified for free. This sounded harsh at first. Well 60lbs later I completely understood. My life has changed so much. I love being below the surface. I am looking forward to learning more every chance I get.

Certifications: SDI: Divemaster, Advanced Diver, Navigation. Advanced Buoyancy, Night Limited Visibility, Deep, Shore and Beach, Underwater Navigation. Padi: Divemaster, Rescue, Advanced, Deep, DSMB, EFR, Dry Suit, Equiptment Specialist, PPB, Enriched Air, Emergency Oxygen Provider, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Specialty, Project Aware. FRTI: Adult and Child Emergency Care.

Goals: My primary goal, is to continue my scuba education. Making sure Signature Scuba continues to provide the best service and training in the industry. Who knows one day I may be teaching others how to scuba dive.